Sports Massage

Sports massage is a type of massage that is designed to work more deeply in the muscles, it will allow you to sustain, prepare and recover from intense physical activity, realigning the muscle fibres and connective tissue, flushing away the toxins. Sports massage will also be effective if you are recovering from an injury, allowing you to extend your range of movement and aiding in recovery of inflamed tissue.

Due to the corona-virus outbreak I am receiving no  more than 4 clients on a weekly basis. Prior to meeting we will have to arrange a short telephone interview to assess that it is safe to carry out treatment; you will be asked to wash your hands when entering the building and you will need to wear a face covering before and while carry out the treatment.

Planning of the Treatment

Treatment will differ depending on the activities that you need to carry, it will be light and energising if you wish to be prepared before physical work while on the other end it will be deep and intense if you are recovering from strenuous physical exercise.


Initial assessment: I will ask you the reason for your visit and if you have any injuries, I will be assessing your posture and test your mobility.

Treatment: the treatment that we will have agreed on will follow, this will include the massage itself as well as some passive stretches.

Conclusion: I will advise additional stretches you can do at home or exercises to perform after the session.




I perform massages in my own flat, I am based between Streatham and Norbury. 


The cost for a session is 50£ for one hour, but if you wish to have 90 minutes it is available for 70£ I currently accept only cash payment for this service

What you need to bring with you

A pair of comfortable shorts, I will provide towels, massages are not performed naked and a good level of personal hygiene is expected.

When not to seek a massage

If you have a cold or feeling ill: massage will affect the lymphatic system, colds may get worst under a massage treatment

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