Whatever your fitness goal is I have a wide range of skills which allow me to support your development

Build Muscle Mass

I have extensive experience with the so-called “Periodization” method, ideal if your goal is to build muscle mass. Periodization is a training method that introduces variables in every workout: workouts are planned over a period of time with implemented incremental changes of Rep range, weight load, and exercise type (always within a threshold appropriate to muscle growth). This means that your body will be forced to build up muscle mass in order to adapt to the continuous changes.

Weight Loss

For this purpose, my programme consists of multi-joint type exercises for strength and endurance, followed by HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. Multi-joint exercises involve the use of several muscle groups and require higher caloric expenditure. HIIT is a cardiovascular type of workout which alternates intense aerobic phases to less intense recovery periods.


Incrementally changed workout programmes based on cardiovascular and plyometric exercises (requiring outbursts of energy such as jumping).

Reflective Sessions

In this session I will review your food diary, lifestyle, and possible obstacles you face on a day-to-day basis, in order to help you find your own strategy to cope with your life challenges through dialogue.

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